Council of African Apostles

The Council of African Apostles is an annual gathering of Africa's apostolic voices. Apostles of genuine credibility gather for three days to discuss and share ideas concerning the issues that affect the Church in Africa as well as the nations of the continent.

The prime movers of the initiative include: Bishop Tudor Bismark (Zimbabwe), Dr. Mensa Otabil (Ghana), Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams (Ghana), Bishop Enock Sitima (Botswana), Bishop Mike Okonkwo (Nigeria), Bishop Joe Imakando (Zambia) and others.

The CAA Summits afford Africa's apostles the opportunity to share ideas, experiences and strategies to make the Kingdom of God manifest in the nations of Africa. A brotherhood of sorts, the Council also provides accountability; guidance and brotherly protection in a mutual bond of a calling, a destiny, a love for the continent and the sovereignty of Christ Jesus the King of Kings.


  • Africa as a continent: geo-politically, socially, economically and spiritually needs to hear a clear, concise and authoritative voice from the Church.
  • The many men and women who lift up this continent in their calling and testimony need to gather periodically and address issues that affect Africa and devise solutions for local, national and continental intervention.
  • The Kingdom of God is mandated through the presence of the Church to ensure and maintain the emancipation of Africa, spiritually first then manifested in the physical.
  • If the church is to influence Africa and the nations and communities that are comprised in her, the apostles need to gather, agree and speak one message and thus release apostolic authority and order so as to return Africa to the original thought of God.

The Council meets annually in various cities in Africa, customarily in the first Wednesday through Friday in February.

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